When man lives and works in the city, he dreams of nature. When he is in nature, he longs for the city again.

In my work I explore an interaction between individual and his environment.

Having photographed iconic places of the world I reconstruct the reality, arranging and manipulating the images into new conceptually layered pieces.

My aim is not to create fiction but rather to establish a dream-like surreal quality that suggests questioning of its existence.

Art allows us to dream, allows us to overcome boundaries.



Born in Vilnius in 1986, the son of a professional fine art photographer and psychologist, grandson of architects. Despite his father’s influence, who began teaching him photography with analogue cameras since the age of four, in his adolescence Gus immersed himself into painting and drawing.

He studied architecture at Vilnius Academy of Arts and Politecnico di Milano. After graduating with masters degree in architecture he moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where he worked as an architect for several years before pursuing a visual artist path which gave him the freedom to express his artistic ideas.

His work has been published in many influential publications including New York Magazine, Business Insider, New York Hufington Post, New York Daily News, Fast Company, Yahoo! News, HUH Magazine, The Atlantic Cities, ABC News, Daily Mail, Der Spiegel, RTL, Atlantico, Repubblica.

Currently he is based in Zurich and NYC.



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